Also Known as Blepharoplasty

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. There is no doubt that our eyes convey emotion, communicate with others and serve as the focal point of the face. When you are talking to friends, family or workmates, they are looking at your eyes. When aging changes occur around the eyes, they can give the face an older appearance. Through blepharoplasty (“eyelid lift”) the youthful appearance of the eyes can be regained.

The first step in starting the process of looking your best is to meet with Dr. Ted Behar at one of his two conveniently located offices in Franklin or Smyrna. During your initial consultation, Dr. Behar will analyze the nature of the aging changes that have developed over time and discern how best to correct them.

content-imageTypically, upper lids will develop skin laxity and hooding. There can be fatty fullness that causes heaviness of the upper eyelids, particularly towards the corner of the eye near the nose. The upper lid fold can become hidden beneath overhanging skin. Examination of the upper lids will also involve evaluation of eyebrow position. If the brows have sagged and relaxed over time, they also might benefit from being lifted at the time of your eyelid lift.
Your lower eyelids will be evaluated. The most common complaint regarding aging lower eyelids is that skin laxity and fullness or” bags” have formed. These dark circles beneath the eyes can result from skin and soft tissue weakening. The supportive structures of the lower lids develop looseness to the point where the fat around the eye bulges forward. No amount of makeup or exercise can resolve this, the shadows that form over time can be addressed only through surgery. Sometimes, there is a shadow that has appeared at the lower margin of the eyelid, toward the nose. This shadow can be made less noticeable in some cases with careful injection of fillers (such as Juvederm) to reduce the depressed area that has led to the dark shadow.  This “tear trough” can also be addressed with careful fat grafting or repositioning during eyelid rejuvenation surgery. The lower eyelid position will also be evaluated to determine whether or not tightening of the lid margin is required. Through a careful consultation with Dr. Behar in one of his Middle Tennessee offices, you can discover how a new, younger you can be revealed.

During Your Surgery

When it comes time for the surgery, for your maximal comfort, it is performed under a light general anesthetic at a conveniently located, freestanding, fully accredited surgery center. During a lower eyelid lift, the extra skin and the fatty fullness is removed through discreetly placed incisions just below the eyelash line. Some patients might benefit from lower eyelid rejuvenation without an external scar. In circumstances where there is no extra eyelid skin, the dark circles below the eyes can be addressed through an incision placed discreetly within the pink inner part of the eyelid, thus resulting in no external scars at all. In upper lid blepharoplasty, the extra overhanging skin of the eyelid that develops over time and in response to gravity can be removed through hidden incisions within the eyelid fold. This will allow Dr. Behar to access the fatty fullness that is typically present and to remove it, thus creating a natural, more youthful appearance. Fat excess that results in a hooded appearance of the upper eyelids can also be addressed through the same, all but invisible, incision.

If, at the time of the upper lid blepharoplasty, a browlift is also in order, it can be performed through the same incision with no additional scars. As an alternative, an endoscopic or classic browlift can be considered if a more dramatic rejuvenation is desired or needed.


images-contentThe recuperation from upper and/or lower eyelid surgery is usually nearly pain-free. Patients routinely return to one of our offices for their first follow-up appointment bewildered by the absence of any pain associated with their recent surgery. Sutures and supportive tapes are removed five to six days after the surgery, and the majority of the bruising and swelling is typically gone within a one to two weeks.
Following eyelid rejuvenation, you will discover that the single act of creating more youthful eyes can transform your appearance dramatically. In Dr. Behar’s experience, there is no better “bang for the buck” than blepharoplasty since it provides a fresher, younger appearance at an affordable price and with no significant discomfort. If you would like to discover more, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Behar for your confidential consultation at one of our offices in Cool Springs/Franklin or Smyrna, Tennessee.