Also Known Augmentation Mammoplasty

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, is a wonderful way to safely improve the appearance of your breasts.

Every woman has a personal reason for breast augmentation surgery. For example, some may not develop the breast size they want. Others women may notice that, through the effects of gravity or childbirth, they have developed hollowness or “sag” in the upper portion of the breast. It may also help some women achieve a more balanced appearance to their figure if their bust size does not balance well with their hip size.

Whatever the reason, Dr. Behar’s breast augmentation surgery provides women with an opportunity to improve their look and their confidence by improving the shape and size of the breasts.


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During your consultation, Dr. Behar will make any necessary recommendations to enable you to enjoy the most attractive postoperative result with the lowest possible risk.

He will discuss the steps involved in choosing the location of the surgical incisions, the position of the implants, the type of implants to be used, and, most importantly, the size and shape of the implants that would best suit your unique and specific requirements.

He will also provide you with multiple pamphlets, as well as instructions on what to expect around the time of your surgery and how to best care for yourself postoperatively.

After your initial consultation and once you have decided to proceed with your surgery, you merely need to let us know and we will be happy to schedule the appointment for surgery at your convenience.

Breast Augmentation Choices

largeDr. Behar specializes in breast augmentation techniques using the most modern saline and gel implants. Through discreetly placed incisions, Dr. Behar can enhance your natural figure with a straightforward and predictable outpatient procedure. The key to Dr. Behar’s success is to learn first what each individual woman’s aesthetic goal is, and to achieve that goal through a safe, careful and custom-designed surgical procedure.

We hope the information that follows will help you to understand the decisions that are made to achieve the results you want in the way you want them achieved. Breast enlargement is a personal choice. Dr. Ted Behar is proud to be able to use many different approaches to achieve the goals desired by each patient in the Nashville area, while considering her own unique circumstances.

Location of Scar

The first decision to make is where to perform the incision through which the breast implant is placed. By far, the most common incision is placed within the fold of the breast. The scar is well-hidden and fades over time. Typically our patients find the scar to be of no significance whatsoever.

Through this incision, Dr. Behar is given the maximal visibility to control the postoperative result. In addition, any desired touch-up surgery in the future can typically be performed through this scar and, therefore, no additional scars would be necessary.

” The most common

incision is placed

within the fold

of the breast “

An alternative incision is placed around the lower portion of the areola (the dark area around the nipple). This is an appropriate choice for those women who do not want the incision performed in the breast fold, but who have adequate areolar diameter to allow for careful implant positioning. There are some concerns with this approach that will be discussed during your visit with us.  There is a slightly increased risk of loss of sensation or change to the shape of the nipple and areola, and an increased risk of contracture in periareolar surgery.  These are often deciding factors in women who elect not to use this approach.

For many years, breast implants have been placed through axillary (armpit) incisions. In our experience, however, this is the most visible of all locations and the resulting scar could be seen in most sleeveless outfits or bathing suits anytime your arms are elevated.  There is some loss of control in implant positioning when place through armpit incisions, and any future surgery may not be able to be performed through the old scar. An additional scar therefore may become necessary. It is for these reasons that the armpit approach is not usually recommended by Dr. Behar.

A few surgeons also use an approach through the belly button, but Dr. Behar feels that this, too, limits implant selection, as well as his ability to control implant positioning. It can also lead to postoperative changes in the abdomen that might be very difficult, if not impossible, to correct. Therefore, we do not recommend this approach.

Breast Implant Location

The next decision to make is one of implant location. In nearly all cases, Dr. Behar favors placing the implant beneath the pectoralis (chest) muscle. While the lower and the lower outer portion of the implant is not covered by muscle, the important upper part of the implant is covered. This leads to a more natural chest-to-breast transition and appearance, and can also reduce postoperative complications considerably. In addition, this location places the breast implant further away from the breast tissue itself and, therefore, interferes less with future mammography. There are some very limited circumstances where placing the implant above the muscle might be appropriate. If your unique circumstances warrant this, then rest assured that Dr. Behar will advise you accordingly and will place the implant in this position. Nearly all of our breast enlargement patients undergo implant placement below the muscle.

Breast Implant Types

The third decision to make is between implant types. While there are teardrop-shaped, textured implants available, and while Dr. Behar certainly has extensive experience in using them, he favors the use of smooth, symmetrical, round implants to achieve the most attractive, natural result. Round implants both look and feel more natural and have the lowest risk of post-operative difficulties.

The implants can be filled either with saline (salt water; similar to sterile contact lens solution) or with silicone gel (we use only cohesive-type gel implants). Silicone gel implants are a bit more expensive due to the technology involved.

Both types of implants will provide you with a very attractive result. Saline-filled frequently result in a firmer post-op feel and result in an increased risk of rippling that could be felt, or seen (although this is rare).

The newest generation silicone gel implants are safe and provide a softer, significantly more natural-feeling result with less rippling. For many years, saline implants were the only implants available for patients undergoing breast enlargement. For those years our patients were very happy with the results. With the newest generation silicone gel implants, however, there is now a choice.


featuredOnce you have decided to proceed with breast augmentation, the process is relatively straightforward. Your surgery will be done at a fully accredited outpatient surgery center with extraordinary anesthesia services and excellent, caring nurses for operative and postoperative care.

Prior to the surgery, the facility will call to review your medical history and prepare you for your surgery.On the day of surgery, you will need to be there one hour in advance.

Your surgery will take approximately one-and-a-half hours and you will then be on your way home typically within an hour thereafter. It will be performed under a careful general anesthetic, so you need not worry about any discomfort during surgery.

Post-Op Recovery

In our experience, recuperating from breast augmentation involves only a day or two of any significant discomfort. In many cases, patients may actually be able to return to nearly all day-to-day activities and non-strenuous work as soon as three to four days postoperatively.

In general, any upper body exercises should be avoided for at least three or, preferably, four weeks postoperatively.

The most strenuous activities involving the muscles of your chest should be avoided for at least six (preferably 8) weeks after surgery.

You will also be monitored closely over the course of your initial post-op period, and our office staff and Dr. Behar will remain available to answer questions that may arise during or after your recuperation.

Combine Multiple Procedures

Breast augmentation can be combined with other procedures. If combined with a breast lift, augmentation can enhance the size and shape of the breast, while the natural sag and looseness that develops over time can be addressed with breast lift technique.

Breast augmentation can be combined, as well, with tummy-tuck (abdominoplasty), liposuction or another body contouring procedure.

Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Ted Behar and the staff of Tennessee Plastic Surgery are thrilled that you are considering proceeding with breast enhancement and look forward to achieving your individual aesthetic goals. If you would like to come for a consultation with Dr. Behar at Tennessee Plastic Surgery in the Nashville area, please fill out our online contact form.